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Looking for quality screenprinting in the Myrtle Beach or Charleston area? Palmetto Tshirts specializes in delivering premium quality screen-printing services at unbelievable prices and quick turnaround. We can print from your own artwork or create a custom design with our in-house graphics and illustration services.

Below outlines a variety of the screen printing services we provide.

A printing process where you start with full-color artwork like a photo, and then colors are separated out to yellow, cyan, magenta and black.

Also used with artwork like a photo, this process offers a much brighter, more colorful image than 4 color process because it uses more than just four inks (up to nine).  Additional colors are added which provide enhancements to specific areas of the print, just like spot colors.

Based upon the Pantone® matching system which allows you to specify colors by indicating the Pantone® name or number to assure that you get the right color when the product is printed.  The ink colors are solid on the garment without color variations.  Shading is achieved through the use of half-tones.


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