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Art Requirements for Screen-Printing

Vector art files are required for screen-printing in order to maintain quality regardless of the output size. When using bitmap art for images like photographs the resolution (dpi or ppi) needs to be between 300 and 600dpi.

Computer monitors display at 72 pixels per inch, making images taken from the internet unsuitable for screen-printing and would need to be recreated.

What ever your needs, clean-up, complete art creation, or simple typesetting, we can work with you to develop exactly what you have been looking for.

Computers display graphics in either vector or bitmap format.

graphics describe images by using lines and curves, called vectors, that also include color and position properties. This image is described by points through which the lines pass, creating the image’s outline. The color is determined by the color of the outline and the color of the area enclosed by the outline.
When you edit a vector graphic, you modify the properties of the lines and curves that describe its shape without losing any quality in appearance.
(examples: .ai, .eps, .pdf )

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Bitmap graphics describe images by using colored pixels arranged in a grid. The image is described by the specific location and color value of each pixel in the same manner as a mosaic.
When you edit a bitmap graphic, you modify pixels, making the edges of the image appear ragged or blurry as pixels are redistributed within the grid causing a degraded quality.
(examples: .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png)

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